Boeing Australia

  • Transit Cases for Project Currawong – Field Grounding Kit labels

    Manufactured from durable outdoor Industrial Grade Polyester Film with 3M LSE adhesive.
  • Required to meet survivability of at least +70°C to -30°C, and be UV resistant.
  • Flexible material with the ability to maintain adhesion to a low surface energy material during rapid temperature fluctuations.
  • Multiple unique sequential identifier codes included on each label.

SAAB Australia Pty Ltd (South Australia) – Domestic Defence

  • Collins Class Submarine – Fire retardant labels with variable serial numbering

    Label material complied with standard BSS 7239 (TOXIC GAS TESTING). This standard is used in the commercial aerospace and rail industries.
  • Label sets manufactured to precise requirements to +-0.2mm tolerance.
  • Project required a batch run of 6,100 labels, all with independent serial numbers.


  • Power maker Military AC Diesel Generator Control Panel – Membrane Keypad with tactile embossed buttons.

    Manufactured from the highest quality outdoor industrial grade Polyester film to withstand the toughest Australian Defence requirements.
  • Embossed buttons with rugged tactile domes, tested to withstand 2 million actuations.
  • Control panel is supplied with or without antiglare transparent filters for the digital readout.
  • Total thickness 1.5mm, comes with an easy peal 3M VHB adhesive ready for fitting straight on to the generator unit.

Total Aerospace Solutions Pty Ltd

  • Med Systems Control Panel - Membrane Keypad with back-lighting (night vision technology)

    Integrated with Electroluminescent & SMD Led backlighting, fitted with NVIS filters.
  • This Membrane Keypad Satisfies the night vision technology of MIL-STD-3009 and DO-275 Conformance, and can be integrated and deployed in Aero-Medical and Military applications all over the world.
  • Tactile buttons have illuminated icons in an NVG package, clear illumination of the panel allows for Aeromedical service personal to operate in a safe environment.
  • Membrane switch has tactile buttons; unit has a total thickness of approximately 1.2mm thick.