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Capacitive Switch Capabilities

Reid Industrial Graphics Product’s Capacitive Switches can be used as more than just switches. The team at Reid Industrial can help with your next project, integrate other technologies to enable the sensor to become a multi faceted product with capabilities that will stand out from you competitors. Our recent project with Australia’s largest air conditioner

Why buying local is better

Why buying local is better We have conversations quite regularly with people about buying local versus offshore suppliers and sadly, we often hear the horror stories during these conversations. Stories about incorrect products being delivered, incorrect dimensions, incorrect colours or the product not being what the person expected, and we pretty much have the same

Our R&D program

One of the pleasures of being a specialist manufacturer is having the opportunity to be involved in new projects from their inception through to becoming fully functioning devices. At Reid Industrial Graphic Products we are committed to an R&D program that has over time, created new technologies that have significantly made a difference for our

Our point of difference

We are often asked about our point of difference, the difference that makes Reid Industrial stand out from the other suppliers to the printed electronics markets; the short answer is that from its inception Reid Industrial Graphic Products has always been a specialist manufacturer of interface products, somewhat of a trail blazer for new products

With a successful Electronex 2017 Tradeshow wrapped up, we would like to send a big thanks to the long list of customers who visited us at the stand during the two days. To those of you who are new to Reid, we will be following up with you over the next week or so to

Electronex 2017 Tradeshow

Come and visit us at the Electronex 2017 Tradeshow in Melbourne. Where we will be showcasing our full range of Interface Products;  Including Graphic Overlays, Membrane Keypads, Capacitive Sensors, Backlighting Technologies and more. Tradeshow details: When:  Wednesday 6/9/17 – Thursday 7/9/17 Where:  Melbourne Park Function Centre Stand:  C14 We’re looking forward to catching up with

Autotex AM (Antimicrobial)

Reid Industrial Graphic Products can produce antimicrobial Graphic Overlays and Membrane Keypads, these products are suitable for environments where cleanliness is essential. The material used is Autotex AM, which is a hardcoated Polyester that has a built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection that inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. The material can withstand harsh cleaning chemicals

Badging Solutions

Badging Solutions. Domed Labels are a great way of branding your product. The ‘domed’ resin finish is extremely tough and enhances the printed image. Some of the applications for these labels are:  Clubs (RSL Clubs, Surf Clubs, Sport Clubs)  Retailers  Service Station Chains  Hospitals and Health Care Industry  Fast Food

The features and benefits of Membrane Switches make them the most common construction for custom flexible Membrane Keypads. When compared to costly electromechanical switch assemblies, Membrane Switches or Keypads stand out for a host of features and benefits: Extremely thin construction saves the all-important design space Cost, especially when compared to electromechanical switch assemblies Low-profile

Membrane Switch Adhesives

Choice of adhesive is important when designing a Membrane Keypad. There are many factors to consider including material type and surface finish and the operating environment of the product. Typical applications for Membrane Keypads use 3M 467, however, many different adhesives are available which meet a variety of application specifications. Adhesive options include: 3M 467

Embossing Capabilities

At Reid Industrial Graphic Products, we offer various embossing options for your Graphic Overlays and Membrane Keypads. We have several methods including Rail Emboss, Pillow Emboss, Dome Emboss, Multi-Level Emboss, 3-Dimensional Lines and Text and Concave Emboss. We have multiple machines capable of both Cold and Hot emboss, including our Projecon Hot Embossing machine.

Doing our bit for the environment

As we face steep rises in electricity prices, managing energy use plays an increasingly important role in business operations. Aware of the rising costs and impact on the environment, we decided to engage Assurance Consulting to undertake an energy audit/assessment of our site. Our goal was to identify energy savings, but more importantly, reduce our

By now most people know how great EL lamps can be, and how they can be utilised in almost any design. But what we don’t talk about often is the inverters used to power them. Well there are two different types, SMD chip style inverters are great for small compact designs where size really does

Committed to continuous improvement

Here at Reid Industrial Graphic Products, we’re proud of our commitment to our quality management system and continuous improvement.  In 2010 we were recipients of the Quality Management System 15 Year Gold Award.  This award recognises of our efforts in the management of our quality systems over the past 15 years.  And just last year,