At Reid Industrial we firmly believe that printed antennas will be a critical aspect of achieving a wireless network system for Internet of Things (IOT) Applications.

Printing various micro-strip Antennas with required levels of customization, durability, conform-ability is our core expertise. Antennas printed by us for our customers based on their design specifications, requirement and necessities have been effectively utilized in a wide range of applications for industries like Commercial Vehicles, Defence, Aerospace and Mobile Devices for long and short-range communication. 

Our long term, hands on expertise of screen printing various inks on to different types of flexible substrates along with proven expertise to integrate the Sensors, Micro / Nano Level chips on the printed antenna has helped us to provide end to end printing solutions based on the design requirements.


The schematic of the Screen Printing Process followed at REID Industrial can be seen in the adjacent diagram. Critical aspects range from the use of high definition film positives and selecting a precise mesh and stencil to achieve the desired results. Along with the substrate and ink handling capabilities, there is sufficient R and D required to repeatedly print inks of certain thickness and conductivity.

The pre, post and midway curing of the Printable Inks vary from one to another. Thus Conductive, Dielectric or any another type of Inks, Substrates combination have to be effectively monitored and controlled over the process of printing.

At Reid Industrial, with years of experience we have gained sufficient know how on these aspects and can deal with a vast variety of variations based on our customers requirements.

The Antenna Screen Printing process as with any form of electrically conducting structure, requires effective management of the entire screen printing process to deposit ink or paste on the substrate in a precise single step. 

In order to print antennas of desired ranges, quality and performance,  handling of the printable inks on different types of substrates requires expertise to maintain the conformity. In the case of printing different types of antennas, the designs differ and there arises a needs to do real time manoeuvring  especially in terms of ” snap off distance” and ” Geometry Size “.

The substrates properties like surface roughness, chemical, mechanical, thermal, optical, thermo-mechanical, electrical, and magnetic properties have to be well studied, researched and documented for optimum utilization. In the case of Screen Printing Antennas, consistency in maintaining the required ” planarity ” of flexible or non-flexible underlying substrate will be of utmost importance.  

At Reid Industrial our engineers have done sufficient ” R and D ” and can precisely deal with varied levels of complexity. Over the period of time, based on our customers design specs through joint collaborations, we  were able to precisely screen print different types of  antennas over a wide range of ” KHz ” to ultra high frequency range of “400 to 600 MHz”.

                                                                                                             Application and Collaboration Possibilities

·     With the advent of Internet of Things, every wireless network system will need a well taught combination of relevant printed sensor and printed antennas for effective machine to machine communications, at “ Reid Industrial ” we strive make this a reality.

·      The design and requirements of Antennas from our customers/collaborator will be effectively implemented in close co-ordination with our production team by doing further required research and development activities during the process of printing to get desired optimal results.

·        Already for some of our clients, based on their antenna design, we have been able to effectively demonstrate different types  of “ Screen Printed  Mirco – Strip Antenna ” as a  “ Trans-Receiver system ” to send and receive signals of varied magnitude at different ranges of frequency ranging from “ KHz to Mhz ”.

·      The antennas are printed on flexible substrates, as per design specifications of our clients, upon proper utilization by our clients, we are be able to trans-receive data in the range of up-to 5 to 10 meters.

·         If Antennas are designed well by our clients / collaborator, we will strive to use our antenna screen printing technologies to bring them into reality with desired quality and conformity.

·       Some of our earlier printed antenna projects are based on  UHF – RFID transponders for various application like  ” automotive windscreens ” , “military applications “, “ Wearable Devices with Printed Antenna as a communication channel ” and in different ” Internet Of Things ” (IOT) applications.

·        Our expertise in customized printing of different types of sensors and antennas in unison with flexible substrates and further expertise of embedding micro and nano level chips onto them, will be an added advantage to provide end to end solution for wearable electronic applications. 

           Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Miro – Strip Antennas

For one our customers, based on their design, we have successfully printed a “Bi-Squared , UHF , Micro Strip , Screen Printed Antenna “.  The process of printing involved the required R and D until the desired results of obtaining a wide ranged trans-receiver system  from KHz to ultra high frequency range of “400 to 600 MHz” was achieved. 

This type of Printed Antennas in large volumes have been used by clients as a UHF-RFID Transponders for numerous application to send and receive the information. 

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