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Custom Graphic Overlay Touchscreen Protectors

We’re often asked if we manufacture iPhone protectors, those thin films that you place over your iPhone screen. Well you won’t find any of those at Reid Industrial, the touchscreen protectors we supply are certainly not flimsy. We manufacture our industrial touchscreen protectors from MacDermid Autotype Polyester, the same durable material we use to make our Graphic Overlay Panels.

Our touchscreen protectors are designed to safeguard your touchscreen interface from scratches and wear and tear. Made from durable anti-glare polyester, our touchscreen protectors can be fitted to any standard touchscreen terminal. The easy peel adhesive allows for hassle free replacement on the shop floor, which works exceptionally well when down time of the terminal is not permitted. You can purchase in bulk quantities for multiple terminals, or just have a spare on hand for when the unthinkable might occur. It’s always better, and usually cheaper, to have a damaged touchscreen protector, rather than a damaged touchscreen terminal.

Our touchscreen protectors are durable, a customer has reported that a touchscreen terminal was saved from extensive scratch damage caused by a rock being thrown at it .

Custom Design and Printing

Customised branding is a must for your touchscreen protector, ask us about design possibilities which can include coloured borders and corporate logo if required. As with our Graphic Overlays, printing is on the reverse side of the touchscreen protector, so the ink can’t be scratched off. Each touchscreen protector is specially designed to your exact specifications and can be embellished with tactile feedback embossing.

Industries we serve include all factory floor situations, medical equipment, computer peripherals, meat processing and the military and aerospace industries.