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What is a membrane keypad?

To create a membrane keypad, we’re basically adhering an overlay panel over a printed circuit (not to be mistaken as a printed circuit board). If you’re not quite sure what an overlay panel is, click here to find out more. It can be difficult to get your head around some of our products (membrane keypads included) so feel free to give us a call so we can explain how it all works.

Membrane keypads are an economical alternative to conventional switches. Membrane keypads are a hard wearing and reliable form of switch technology, used extensively across a wide range of electronic applications and industries. Proven and compact, membrane keypads are manufactured from polyester and can incorporate a printed circuit board where required.

Membrane keypads are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, including harsh outdoor environments. Membrane keypads are also suitable for use in sterile and medical environments and the finished product can be embossed, textured or have domes for a tactile feel. Membrane keypads are suitable for use with air conditioners, user interfaces, aerospace, appliances, water filtration, petrol pumps and robotics, to name just a few. The keypad design can incorporate backlighting, meaning that button graphics can be lit. As the front surface of a membrane keypad is essentially an overlay panel, all the design options that are available for overlays also apply to membrane keypads. Click here to read about overlays.

Tritium is a long established customer of Reid Industrial. The Veefil Panels were a new project and were quoted as part of the tender process. Reid was unsuccessful due to pricing. Consequently Tritium commenced prototyping with another manufacturer, but due to supply and quality issues Tritium came back to Reid for advice to rectify the problems and to ensure smooth transition to the production phase as their production was ramping up. The brief also required Reid to manage the Subcontractor of the acrylic panels. The Veefil panel is a multi-faceted design incorporating a machined acrylic panel with milled sections that require hand sanding to ensure that backlighting is evenly dispersed through the panel. A membrane switch is fitted into the machined section of the acrylic panel and incorporates embossing, metal tactile domes and transparent sections for backlighting illumination.

The Hardi keypad is the user interface on a farming device, our customer is a maintenance engineer who regularly has enquiries from his customers to repair these panels rather than purchase the complete head unit at a substantial cost from the original manufacturer. Reid’s task was to manufacture the keypad without any drawings and update the design using Reid’s specifications. The keypad is a relatively standard design using standard materials with an RF Shield but has no tactile domes; it has two tails to accommodate a large number of button

This panel is the user console for a personal sauna that combines massage therapy and dry sauna heat therapies. The keypad construction utilises standard materials and switch technologies and incorporates transparent filtered windows and metallic graphics to enhance the user experience. The keypad is supplied to the customer completely assembled on a machined fibreglass backing panel with integrated nylon standoffs for ease of installation by the customer.

This interface panel is used in the gaming industry for service and member loyalty scanning. This keypad utilises hybrid technologies and has a digitally printed anti-glare face panel with selected screen-printed transparent apertures. The circuit layers consist of an RF shield layer and a circuit layer consisting of 3 x SMD Leds, metal tactile domes ensure a positive tactile response for gaming patrons.