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High Quality Rapid Prototypes

Product development cycles sometimes require the need for rapid prototyping or small production runs. Often this need is driven by milestones such as a proof-of-concept, the need to provide a product demo to your client or you simply have a requirement for small quantities of high quality graphic panels or labels.

Reid Industrial Graphic Products has made significant investments in equipment to achieve a completely digital production process. A State-of-the-art wide format digital printing press, high-speed laser cutting machines in conjunction with thermal embossing equipment have enabled Reid Industrial to dramatically reduce setup times, avoid expensive tooling costs, and shorten delivery times.

Whilst we always place the highest priority on quality and utilise othe full range of MacDermid Autotype polyester films and 3M product ranges, shorter than normal lead time is the over-riding factor in our prototyping and small production run services. Reid Industrial Graphic products is an authorised 3M converter of their full range of 3M laminating adhesives.

Features & Benefits

At Reid Industrial Graphic Products, we encourage you to discuss your delivery requirements, and we’ll work together with you to meet your delivery date. Contact Reid Industrial now on 1300 765 533 regarding prototyping your next membrane switch project. Visit our Product Gallery to learn more about the various constructions and product features we can offer, and learn how Reid Industrial can customize your membrane switch assembly to meet and exceed your unique application requirements.

  • LED, LCD and other display windows in the graphic overlay
  • Selective textures or dual surface finishes
  • Embedded LEDs
  • EMI/RFI Shielding
  • Backlighting components such as lamps or EL lamps
  • Metal support panels (anodized, iridised, or painted) with mounting hardware
  • Additional components such as PCB assemblies
  • Keypad embossing

Important Artwork Considerations Affecting Delivery Time

The artwork and documentation provided play a critical role in minimizing the lead time. It is strongly recommended to supply the original artwork file in its native format, such as Illustrator or Corel. Convert all text to paths/outlines/curves to avoid font conflicts. Avoid sending file formats such as JPEG and GIF. Specify colours by their CMYK process values or by a coated PMS (Pantone Matching System) colour number. Adhering to Reid Industrials Artwork Transfer Guidelines will save valuable hours/days of delivery time.

Membrane Switch Prototype

Membrane Switches can also be produced as a prototype, which in essence is a small production run. The overlay layer however, can be either digitally printed or a traditional screen print, which can be embossed and have tactile metal domes. The circuit layers are fully-functional and screen printed using the same processes and standards as our production runs. These small quantities can also utilise our backlighting technologies, including EL and LED.

Variable Data

By utilising a digital workflow allows for seamless output of variable data, whether that is consecutive numbering or barcodes that are first or second surface printed.