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Capacitive Switch / Touch Sensor

Want to know what capacitive switches are in simple terms? We’re talking about a sealed unit with no moving parts and a flat surface panel. There can be buttons or slider options to press, which can be built into the panel. What you can see is an overlay piece over the top, keeping the entire unit completely sealed and protecting the unit. You can also add acrylic or glass over the top to make it completely vandal proof as this creates a smooth, sealed and indestructible unit. Another benefit that you will see is that being sealed, they are easy to wipe down and keep clean. As there are no holes, protruding buttons or knobs, you won’t experience service or maintenance requirements or problems either.

The chips used in capacitive switching can sense through panels up to 3mm thick, even through gloved hands, making them excellent for use in industrial environments. Capacitive switches are reliable, cost-saving alternatives to existing switch technologies and can also be used wherever a mechanical control would otherwise be employed. An example of somewhere you might see some capacitive switching is at a vehicle charging station. You’ll see them on air conditioning control panels too. The look and feel of a capacitive switch is modern and stylish, and can add a unique touch to your business.