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Capacitive Switch / Touch Sensor - Capacitive Touch Controllers

Over the past couple of years Capacitive Sensors have gained in popularity to now becoming one of the most versatile interface options available. Apart from the obvious benefits of being water proof and having no moving parts, we are now able to offer sensors with fully integrated back-lighting and proximity sensors.  Design options are numerous and flexible, with button, slider and rotor options easily co - existing with SMD Led arrays fitted to a screen or digitally printed Overlay Panel. For robust applications such as kiosks and industrial projects, you can also add acrylic or glass as a front surface making your device completely vandal proof,  as this creates a smooth sealed and indestructible unit. Without holes, protruding buttons or knobs to contend with, service or maintenance requirements are minimal, the unit will be completely sealed and easily wiped down for cleaning.

Capacitive Touch Controllers have also progressed over the past couple of years, with many low cost brands now available. These controllers now offer many design options, such as water tolerance detection, noise filtering, auto tuning, re calibration, low power and proximity functionality. They can sense through panels up to 10mm thick, even through gloved hands, making them excellent for use in industrial environments.

For your next project, why not consider the look and feel of a capacitive switch, your product will be modern and stylish, and add a unique touch to your business.