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Backlighting Technologies

Backlighting is a technology used for a variety of purposes, with one of the most common being for backlighting of warning text or warning symbols. You’re likely to see backlighting used in industries such as aerospace and industrial applications. We offer three different backlighting options, creating endless lighting possibilities that can be fully integrated into Membrane Switches.

What’s great about Lumitex, is that it can provide light to sensitive applications. Lumitex is fibre optic and usually only powered by a single LED, which means that you won’t experience any problems with heat. This is because fibre optic doesn’t generate heat, it simply carries the light source. Benefits of Lumitex include, but are not limited to, thin design, simplicity to implement and long life (100k+ hours in most configurations).

EL Backlighting

Electroluminescent backlighting, also known as EL panel is an alternative to conventional backlighting technologies such as LEDs and fibre optics, and has become increasingly popular. Used in a wide range of sophisticated electronic applications, you’ll see EL used as the preferred backlighting option where slimline manufacturing is critical to the design.

LED Backlighting

To break it down, LED backlighting is when we take a circuit layer, and we mount tiny LEDs to the surface. Then above that, we put down a piece film (called light guide film) and the film directs the light to where it needs to go. The best thing to do when looking at backlighting options is to talk to us about your requirements. Once we know what you’re looking for and what you need to achieve, we can guide you to look at the suitable options to ensure you make the best decision.